LGBT Clear Defense Course: Street Defense for Extreme Situations

LGBT Clear Defense Course: Street Defense for Extreme Situations

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Gay Desert Guide is partnering with Desert Rocks Indoor Climbing Gym to present this LGBT self-defense course. The Clear Defense method can be used by almost anyone. It's been taught it to teens and to little old ladies with heart conditions. Learn how to trigger the mind and body to fight like a
wild animal in an instant.

The course is taught by Harry Legg, Owner of New Jersey Tai Chi and NJ/NYC Regional Instructor for Master Richard Clear. Master Clear developed this method over 25 years through real street attack experiences.

T R A I N I N G  I N C L U D E S :
• Make full use of your body’s natural weapons.
• Deliver 3 – 5 hits per second with full power.
• Overwhelm an attacker with a barrage of power strikes.
• Keep from panicking so you never freeze up under pressure.
• Learn how to win a confrontation morally and in a way that can be defended legally.
• One Hit Knockouts!
• Get someone twice your size off your body.
• How to beat the attacker to the hit every time.
• Move in a way to avoid being vitally hit.
• How to use an ink pen for self defense
• How to defend yourself when you’re surrounded