Intimacy Matters: A Discussion Group for Gay Men

Intimacy Matters: A Discussion Group for Gay Men


The The LGBT Community Center of the Desert presents Intimacy Matters: A Discussion Group for Gay Men.

Beginning Saturday October 13th, take a deeper dive into intimacy and connection with Arlen Keith, LCSW, PhD. "Intimacy Matters" is a discussion group for gay men, and will meet on the second Saturday of the month. You may attend all sessions or pay per session. 

🔸️October 13th: Session One—What is Intimacy? 
How can intimacy be defined? What are the components of intimacy? What are the different types of intimacy? What types of relationships are considered intimate…or not?

🔸️November 10th: Session Two—What Do Love, Sex and Passion Have to do with Intimacy? 
What are the relationships between love and intimacy, sex and intimacy and passion and intimacy?

🔸️December 8th: Session Three—Intimacy Vs. Autonomy: Is Balance Possible? 
How can one be both intimate and autonomous in a relationship? How do men do the balancing act with intimacy and independence? Are independence and intimacy really compatible? What role does privacy and secrecy play in an intimate relationship?

🔸️January 12th: Session Four—Trust, Monogamy and Intimacy: Separate Entities or Necessary Components
What role do trust and honesty play in an intimate relationship? Can an open relationship be intimate? Are there degrees of intimacy related to openness?

Members: $50 for all 4 sessions | $15 per session
Non Members: $75 all sessions | $20 per session

For questions and to sign up, please call The Center @ 760-416-7790