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The Desert Rose Playhouse presents the World Premiere of DARE. 

DARE is the story of 82-year old Gay Activist and Stage Director JACK who has decided to hasten his death by refusing food and water at the Buena Vista Nursing Home in Central California.   The year is 2013.

Gerontologist JOSH has been sent to interview JACK to see why he wants to end his life.  JACK tells him the fantastic and inspired tale of his activist life, his one great love, and his plan to stage his “Curtain Call” as carefully and beautifully as he  has staged his plays.  

In the course of their conversation, YOUNG JACK and his lover, friend, muse and teacher DAVID make JACK’s stories come to life with insights into his personal evolution into a liberated and accepting and appreciated gay senior.  YOUNG JACK, a conservative banker, learns from “fashionista” David about the gay lifestyle 1973 San Francisco, explores the mysteries of The Pines on Fire Island in 1978, establishes a gay bookstore and participates in the birth of ACT UP! in 1987 Greenwich Village, and learns to Vogue for a Charity Drag Ball in 1990 New York City.   

Sunday Matinees are at 2:00 PM

Evening Performances are at 8:00 PM. Sunday Matinees are at 2:00 PM