Confessions of a Mormon Boy

Confessions of a Mormon Boy

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The Desert Rose Playhouse presents Confessions of a Mormon Boy.

On Sunday the performance is at 2:00 PM.

Confessions Of A Mormon Boy,  a true story told with humor, song and the Book of Mormon,  concerns a young gay man’s journey through excommunication from the Mormon church, divorce, male prostitution and drug abuse, as he struggles to reclaim himself, his children and his ‘Donny Osmond’ smile.

Mormon Boy has one of the most riveting moments I have ever seen in the theatre. It literally made my jaw drop. Being a gay recovering Southern Baptist, Steven Fales’s tale of his journey to self-acceptance made me want to jump up in the theatre and holler “Amen”! I have seen Mormon Boy several times and have brought friends who were considering doing one-person shows to show them an example of how multi-layered a solo piece like his can be. Mr. Fales is a master at his craft. His work is timely and of utmost importance in these days of religious-based intolerance.”


“My only regret is that I came so late to this experience. It was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful — the best gay coming-of-age, grappling-with-being piece I’ve seen since Dan Butler’s, and you know there have been a thousand of them ever since his. It’s really good. This needs to be filmed.”


“When one can be so moved as to laugh till your jaw hurts, wince with a sorry recognition at the pain distorted religion can inflict, cheer with unashamed abandon at an enviable and inspiring bravery so rarely expressed in the face of certain banishment and ridicule, you know you have had a thrilling and emotionally fulfilling theatrical experience. Bravo, Steven Fales and his Mormon Boy!”