CalComMen's "GRADUATE" Community Camp

CalComMen's "GRADUATE" Community Camp

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Welcome to CalComMen's "GRADUATE" Community Camp... a safe, supportive and drug, alcohol, smoke and electronics-free space...4500 feet up in the San Jacinto Mountains.

What Can I Do @ GRADUATE?
-- Graduate from boy to man
-- Graduate to be an even better man
-- Graduate to a better place in your life
-- Graduate to less fear & anxiety
-- Graduate to more meaningful connections
-- Graduate to a more engaged life
​Like-minded, heart-centered men 18-91+ of all colors, sizes, shapes & differing abilities will gather to enjoy*:

​"Liza & Judy in Concert" Opening Night 
Daily Heart Circles
Water Carnival/Mocktail Party
TNT ("Talent/No Talent") Show
The Love Lounge
Arts & Crafts
Adult SwimThe S'Mores Olympics
Drumming Circle
24/7 Cafe
Nightly Cuddle PuddlesBoard Games
The Ecstatic Dance

*all included in one price

$249 (before July 15)
$269 (after July 15)

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