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Coachella Valley Coffee!!! $7 off Desert Sunrise Blend

Voucher Expires on : Mon, Dec 31, 2018
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Start your day with a delicious cup or two of Coachella Valley Coffee's delicious Desert Sunrise Blend for $7 off per bag!

The Fine Print

Limit two per household.  A coupon code will be mailed to the address you provide.  You will order the bag of Desert Sunrise Blend off their website using the coupon code we provide.  Note:  There will be a nominal shipping charge.


We aim to raise the level of what people should be expecting from their coffee, We are down to earth, good for the earth, and one of the best coffee roasters on earth. 

We love what we do. It's gratifying to know that our work helps improve working conditions for coffee farmers, protects the environment, and promotes sustainable practices & that our amazingly sumptuous coffee provides daily pleasure to coffee lovers around the globe.   

We truly love great coffee. 

Every morning in our office we French press a few selections of our latest roasts and sip and savor, letting the warm brew gently awaken our spirits. Even after so many years we still marvel at the wonderful sensations a great cup of coffee provides. This morning ritual reminds us of the importance of our work and the way our product touches others.