• Lena Burkut

      Roy Dekel Gives Tips to Help You Sell Your House Fast

      Every seller wants to find a buyer quickly before the listing becomes stale. If you are intending to synchronize the sale with the peak season, it’s important that you consider all the aspects that can make the deal attractive to tons of buyers. Here, you’ll find some useful tips to help you sell quickly.

      Improve the appeal: Tips from Roy Dekel

      When you want to sell your house fast Roy Dekel maintains that first impressions can go a long way in accelerating the sale. Basically, you have to consider what a potential buyer will think about the house when they see it.

      Taking a look at your house can help in identifying some shortcomings that can make it difficult to sell. If you can’t spot the downsides, ask some friends to do the analysis just to be sure you aren’t biased. After getting the opinion, it’s best to start making the necessary improvements.

      One of the best ways to improve the appeal is by ensuring the property is beautifully landscaped. Your exterior walls, as well as the driveway, need to be well maintained to create a good impression. Before listing your home on marketplaces like Setschedule it’s always prudent to ensure the exterior is attractive enough to make it stand out from the rest.

      Reasonable pricing by experts from Setschedule

      When a home has the appropriate price tag, it’s likely that buyers will be willing to make more inquiries. Contrary to popular opinion, a real estate agent can help you with pricing issues. While most people avoid engaging a real estate agent, it’s not always a smart idea. Besides helping you price the house well, a realtor will also save you valuable time and money. Basically, the agent will get a small percentage of the selling price and they will, therefore, try their best to make the deal attractive to buyers.

      Because they want to get paid within a short time, they will leverage on their vast market knowledge to set the best price. In addition, a real estate agent has access to multiple market platforms like Setschedule for a fast sale. Because houses with unreasonable prices can be hard to sell, ensure your home has the appropriate pricing to attract the right buyers. Check some more info here.

      Sell the house to a good flipper

      Selling a house to a flipper can help you make the sale quickly. Most flippers will buy a house in its current condition which means you won’t need to make expensive repairs. If all you want is offload the home quickly, then dealing with a home flipper can be a perfect idea.

      On the downside, a flipper may give you a lower amount than you would get from a normal client. This is because a flipper wants to make a tidy profit at a later date. To ensure investors aren’t taking advantage of your need to sell quickly, Roy Dekel says it’s prudent to have more than one buyer and compare the deals.