Streetbar Palm Springs

It’s kinda like Cheers, everybody stops by sooner or later.  Great entertainment:

Mondays –  Lindsay’s Karaoke

Tuesdays – Show Tunes Tuesdays (except for the last Tues.  – 6 to10 pm) and Lindsay’s Karaoke

Wednesdays – Mona Caywood by Request (9 pm) and Lindsay’s Karaoke

Thursdays –  Retro Thursdays – The Video Music Experience with VJ Robb Roberts (7 pm)

Fridays – friday night popstarz – pop music, videos, starz, comedy and more  (8 pm)

Saturdays – Super Pop Saturdays with VJ Robb Roberts (8 pm)

Sundays – Miss Fern Sundays (7 pm ish) and Lindsay’s Karaoke

Be sure to check our website for special events!

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