How to Stay Sane on Your Wedding

We know that you want your wedding day to be fascinating, but the pressure of wanting everything to be perfect can only produce anxiety. Some brides and grooms rely on high expectation and emotions that can actually turn their big day into conflict, unhappy tears and disappointment. Almost every bride is aware of things that could go wrong, but it doesn't have to be so. With a positive outlook on the day itself and some preparation, every bride can be a happy and content one. Here are suggestions, tips and tricks on how to reduce these feelings and make your wedding one of a kind.
SLEEP! You need to get as much sleep as possible the night before your big day. We are more emotional when we feel tired. Don't forget to eat on your wedding day too. Have a healthy breakfast and ask someone to carry water and some snacks for you - you are likely to need them. 
THINK POSITIVE. Instead of reading into others' minds to your gown, and other wedding decors and details, try to think positive. Everyone wants you to be happy and to have a wonderful day. This will take the pressure off yourself as well as others. Plus, thinking and acting positive will make everyone around you more inclined to help make your big day a reality. 
PICK A WEDDING COORDINATOR. Entrust a family member or friend that will welcome your guests . The same person can organize the DJ, band, catering staff, florist, photographer, etc., otherwise you will be answering questions all day long.
BE YOURSELF. The wedding is all about you and your husband. If you don't want to be center of the world, then forget about your role and have fun with your friends and family. KIT OF EMERGENCY ITEMS. Make such a kit in case something goes wrong, e.g. shoes, hair pins, safety pins, make-up, hairspray, etc.
DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF. Your wedding will be amazing, and a few little surprises here and there may even make your day memorable and fun. Keep the big picture always in mind. This will help you take control of how you feel on your wedding day.
FIND A QUIET PLACE. If something or someone upsets you find a quiet place where you can calm yourself and take slow deep breaths. Above all, remember that you found the man of your dreams. Try to find at least one hour to share just with each other. The most private and exciting moment is often when you are in your wedding car driving away from the ceremony. Look into your partner's eyes, and hold each other's hands - remember that moment for the rest of your life.