Thomi Clinton says "PS I love you because..."

 Thomi Clinton is keeping the glamour factor (and the levels of consciousness) high in Greater Palm Springs.

During this week of the Transgender Day of Remembrance festivities, we are honored to feature Thomi Clinton.

Thomi Clinton owned a successful business at the age of 21, and continued with as an entrepreneur until moving to Los Angeles in 2000 where she worked as an Administrative Assistant and, in 2006, began transitioning from male to a female Transgender.  She went on to volunteer with the Department of Justice, and California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, to implement policies to protect LGBTQI persons and to reform the inmate grievance process, thereby saving the tax payer millions dollars and with San Francisco County Jails policies and regulations to protect Transgender detainees.  She is the Co-founder of Trans Palm Springs, and has continued policy reform work in Coachella Valley for Transgender individuals since then.

Thomi chose to step into the public eye after continued complaints from the local Transgender Community about their inability to receive healthcare, employment, equality, and other civil protections.  In less than one year, Thomi - along with friends and allies - have begun reforming the valley to be Trans-inclusive, including creating a non-profit called TDOR Palm Springs, the largest civil rights movement engine for the local Transgender and Intersex community.  In acknowledge of the collective effort that has gone into transforming the local landscape for Transgender individuals, Thomi is proud that:

  • The Valley’s Police and Sheriffs Departments have training on how to process contacts with Transgender citizens.
  • Each city, John Benoit County Board of Supervisors and Congressman Ruiz have provided Proclamations recognizing Nov. 20th as Transgender Day of Remembrance, the day to end violence against the Transgender community.
  • Riverside County Superior Courts have changed their dress codes to be Trans-inclusive.
  • She assists Transgender and Intersex patients in accessing Medi-Cal and I.E.H.P., and connecting the community to a supportive physician at Borrego Community Health in Desert Hot Springs.
  • She serves as a watchdog for the new jail in Indio to ensure that it is in compliance with the Prison Rape Elimination Act.
  • She launched the Transgender L.A.T.E. Festival and Two Spirit events at The Tolerance Education Center.
  • She established the Remember Me In Red event and 20 Bingos at Georgies Alibi.
  • She facilitated the creation of a monument to be donated to the City of Palm Springs for the Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance vigil.
  • She has helped to reform the local Homeless Shelters policies to be Trans-inclusive.
  • She consults with Equality California, The LGBT Center in the Desert, John Benoit Board of Supervisors, Eisenhower Medical Center, Borrego Community Health Foundation, Riverside County Sheriff's Department, Riverside County Mental Health, I.E.H.P., Medi-Cal, Riverside County Public Health, and various city councils on improvement and implementation of policies that are Trans-inclusive.

Wow, Thomi!  YOU ROCK!!!!

Thomi says, "PS I love you because..."

  1. ...your diversity makes it a safe place were Trans-people can be safe with their gender identity and gender expression.
  2. are willing to give the Transgender Day of Remembrance monument a permanent home for the present and future Transgender Community.
  3. ...there are so many businesses and people willing to help the Trans-community in Coachella Valley.
  4. are friendly and diverse and you show the world that diversity improves economy and peace.
  5. give the LGBTQI youth a safe place to be, and inspire them maximize their potential in a healthy and supportive environment that nurtures individuality and creativity.

Thomi, I have been impressed to watch you shine "in the public eye" and congratulate you and members and allies of the Transgender community for all that you are accomplishing to make the world a better place for everyone.  Thank you for being so spectacular!

Visit for more information about the Transgender Day of Remembrance and year-round activities as well.


Nicholas Snow


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